An honest story about us

The slogan “Professional writing only” wasn’t exactly honest back in 2008, when we had just started. There were only 10 of us then, who were recently graduated guys and girls, who knew how harsh studies could be.
Each order you submitted gave us experience. Every note of feedback you left improved the quality of our service.
Throughout all these years, there was something we were always sure of: that our product would be in demand if we didn’t let customers doubt its quality.
It took us more than 10 years to become a service whose professionalism is beyond doubt. And we are not going to stop here.

Some things have changed in these 10 years

  • Today we have
    experts in various disciplines in our staff.
  • Today our average satisfaction rate is
    and we won’t stop until it is 9.9/10.
  • Today more than
    of our papers are delivered before deadlines.

… but some things are still the same. Our prices haven’t changed in 10 years. And we are not going to increase them in the 10 years to come.

What rules do we follow to produce the best papers?

Hire the best
We have a 3-step hiring process to gather only the best writers. We know each expert of ours in person, and we check their diplomas and educational background. All of our newcomers go through training and mentorship.
We always edit and proofread papers before they are delivered to clients. Back in 2008, there was only one editor and one proofreader, but today we have a writer quality control department that checks papers and evaluates the writers so their ratings are always up-to-date.
Trust, but check
From the very first day, we have been checking all the papers we create for plagiarism. In 2008, we employed ready-to-use programs, but then we decided that we can’t trust such an important part of academic writing to an outsourcing company, so we’ve developed our own in-house plagiarism-detection software.
Provide support
We were and are still available 24/7. Earlier, there were several people who worked in shifts with two or three positions simultaneously. Today, we have two fully qualified teams of support managers in Ukraine and Latvia.

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