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Base Your Social Issues Term Paper on Our Experience

A student is asked to complete various social work essays during a course. Even the easiest task requires research, knowledge, and time. Even the cleverest student lacks at least one of the ingredients. What is next? Should he/she refuse from writing a decent piece and get a low grade? Definitely not! It’s better to address WritePro.net and allow proficient authors write a sample. Buy a model, use it when creating, and enjoy the results!

Why Have Progressive Delivery Assigned?

The only thing that may stop you from evaluating the benefits of Progressive Delivery is that it costs 10% more than a regular WritePro.net order. However, it brings more advantages in the end:

  • An academic assignment is delivered gradually, chapter by chapter or piece by piece as a writer progresses;
  • A customer doesn’t have to pay for an entire project at once: he/she can pay to do a chapter. Eventually, the payment is divided into parts which allows one feel more secure and confident;
  • Our company assigns a personal manager to help with finding out more about the task and its progress;
  • A team creates a personal schedule to let a client known when the next paper piece is to be expected;
  • A buyer can apply for a revision during 21 days after its initial confirmation.

This feature is called an additional one as it was designed for completing complex models only. If your purchase costs less than $200 and its deadline is between 8 hours and 3 days, we never offer the PD. When you have paid over $600 and the final term is from 7 to 10 days, you can feel free to apply for a write my paper order with Progressive Delivery assigned.

What Assignment Is Complex?

How to know the task you pay to write is complex? It usually requires more advanced research skills along with special knowledge. When custom term papers are complicated, WritePro.net chooses the most proficient authors to be assigned. Here’s a list of disciplines that are referred as complex by the agency:

  • Finance;
  • Accounting;
  • Planning, Architecture, and Building;
  • Mathematics;
  • IT and Web;
  • Life Sciences;
  • Physics;
  • Engineering, including Civil Engineering.

When a customer asks to make my model for one of the disciplines that is plagiarism-free, he/she is charged extra 20%.

Refunds for Online Orders

There is the limited number of sites that offer a money-back guarantee to its customers. Our service is on the list. We promise to return the money you transferred if the piece is not original (the plagiarism rate is as low as 1%) or a draft is not delivered on time (95% of all type my projects are sent before final terms).

You can make a request for a full or partial refund. Our experts investigate any issue within a limited period and offer an alternative which is the best for you. Expect an answer concerning a quality-based application within 14 days. All other requests are processed within 3 or 4 business days.

When you are not completely satisfied with the results for money you transferred, click a Refund button that is found on a Personal Order page and choose the ‘I-am-not-fully-satisfied…’ option. You will be automatically provided with the MS Word version of the text. From that moment you get 14 days to deliver examples and reasons to back up the claim. If you succeed, you get up to 40% at the Dispute Department’s section.

In case you fail to provide any strong and reliable evidence within two weeks, the dispute is canceled and no refund for me is ever possible.

At WritePro.net, we offer assistance that is timely, affordable, and trustworthy. We know that you may have some doubts concerning our reliability. If you do, please visit the Testimonials page and see what others post about us. Leave your post too and share your ordering experience.

What our customers say
#76082 12 Dec 2018
Good research of the topic. My writer has used enough sources of literature and has made the expertise quite objective. when my teacher noticed that the paper wasn't bias, he put me an "A" and it was my first positive grade this term. Your quality assistance saved me. Thank you deeply for that.
(Criminal Justice)